About Us

Hello and welcome to The West Palm Beach Antiques Festival
Meet Bill and Kay Puchstein. Both originally from Ohio, they began a love affair with antiques many years ago. Kay was introduced to antiques and collectibles in her teenage years by her grandmother. Her love for vintage items grew as she began collecting more and more throughout her adulthood. She later cut her teeth in the antique business in the 1980's, when she became a show manager and worked with a successful promoter on a monthly antique show in Atlanta, GA. While working there she met Bill, a dealer, who would not take no for an answer when he asked Kay to dinner. They fell in love and were married shortly after. Bill began doing the marketing for the show as well as dealing in Primitives and early American.
Learning so much from their experiences and work with dealers and show promotion, it inspired them to partner and start Pride of Dixie on the north side of Atlanta, GA.
Kay and Bill continued buying and selling antiques along with show promotion and in 2000 they purchased the Deland Antique Show just outside of Daytona. From there other opportunities arose to acquire additional shows, and by the late 2000's they were not only dealers, but they were promoting 7 shows across the state.
In 2007, they were presented with an offer to purchase the largest monthly antiques, and collectibles show in the state. For the past 6 years, they have worked to make The West Palm Beach Antiques Festival the BEST and most successful show in Florida.
Visit Burtonantiquesmarket.com and Fiddlersantiquesshow.com for more information about our shows in Ohio and Nashville, TN. 
Our hope is that you enjoy our show and find the treasures that you collect as you share this weekend with us.          
Thank you for being here and welcome
Kay and Bill Puchstein